When Is The Best Time To Water A Lawn?

Contact Us Are There Better Times to Water a Lawn It rains all hours of the day, so it is perfectly natural to water a lawn any hour of the day. As a matter of fact, you will not kill your lawn because you watered at the “wrong” time. Two principles rule the life and […]

Winter Turf Tips

Contact Us Introduction: Winter Lawn Biology Written: By Rick Orr During the cooler winter months in Pinellas County, St Augustine turf grass lawns are semi-dormant – living and growing but at a slower pace. The soil microbes are still busy too, doing what soil microbes do – enzymatic digestion of organic matter – aka composting […]

A Weed-Free Lawn Is Not Sold In A Bottle

Contact Us Many homeowners believe that if they just kill the weeds, their lawn will be beautiful again. A beautiful lawn is not beautiful because it has few weeds, it is beautiful because it is tall and thick. A tall thick lawn has few (if any) weeds. Therefore, the best way to control weeds in […]

Brown Patch Is A Cool Weather Disease In St Augustine Lawns

Contact Us Brown Patch causes a temporary discoloration of St Augustine turf. Those brown circular patches in your St Augustine turf grass lawn are probably brown patch. Brown Patch forms distinct circles or joined lobed circles of dead leaves with a “halo” of yellow grass. It does not kill the turfgrass, only effects the leaves. […]

Affordable Pest Control And Lawn Care Tampa And Surrounding Areas

Contact Us When you call Safari Pest Control & Lawn Care you get an affordable, family owned company that is fully qualified to take care of all your specific needs in Tampa and surrounding areas. We have a solid reputation built on reliability, trust and exceptional customer service. Ray Williamson is a professional with the […]

St. Augustine Lawns Look Great When…

Contact Us A St Augustine Lawn Looks Great and Thrives at 5″ Mowing Height Your mower is killing your lawn because you mow too low. A St Augustine lawn, to be sustainable (to survive, to be hardy, to thrive), must have a minimum canopy height of 4” to 5”. HOW MOWING TOO LOW HAPPENS It’s […]

Curb Appeal

Contact Us It is in our nature to be drawn to lush green lands. Even ancient man instinctively knew that green, lush areas were fertile, and man could flourish there. If the land could sustain abundant plant life, it could provide fruits, vegetables, honey, wild game and shelter. If you have noticed, lush green regions […]