Affordable, Experienced Pest Control Tampa Bay, FL

Here in Tampa Bay, Florida pests are a problem all year long.  There are a few pests that aren't as exasperating and unrelenting as others, but for the most part the majority are a real pain, leaving you feeling uneasy in your own residence. Our damp, balmy climate is just what these pests need to flourish. Then the rainy season comes sending them inside for shelter.

Tips from an experienced pest control professional... If you don't want your home to be a sanctuary for these pests, there are a few things you can do to put a stop to their unwanted intrusion. Moisture is key to their survival, especially in the Tampa Bay area. If you have leaky pipes or other sources of moisture repair them immediately. If there are items in your yard collecting water, turn them upside down, or get rid of them. Standing water is a perfect breeding ground for many insects.

Insects will search for a simple repast. Crumbs, spills, and any food dropped or slopped, will sustain a large number of these pests. Roaches and ants love splattered grease or a spilled soft drink. So wipe up any spills on counter tops and appliances. Also, sweep and mop floors frequently.

Ray Williamson, owner of Safari Pest Control says 'the most important step to eliminating insects and rodents is sanitation!' Rotting food, garbage, and dirty dishes left out over night can produce an scent that will invite both rodents and insects. Take the  trash out nightly. Put it in an outside garbage can with a snug fitting lid. If you have a compost pile, placing food scraps in it can attract rodents, so make sure it is quite a ways from your home. Clean the kitchen completely each evening after dinner. Leave no nook or cranny untouched. Wipe up all spills and splatters.

Use air tight containers to store all food. Wipe away any remaining food residue from the container before putting away. Bulk pet food should also be kept preserved in air tight containers. Store pet food dishes away at night to discourage pests.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful. For more tips, call Safari Pest Control, LLC. We offer affordable, experienced pest control in Tampa Bay, Plant City and surrounding areas.  We are a family owned business and look forward to being your pest control partner. It's a jungle out there!