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Get pest control services in Tampa and Plant City, FL

Living in a multi-family housing unit means sharing a yard with multiple neighbors. If they don't take proper care of their space, other tenants could end up with pests and weeds invading their yard. Safari Pest & Lawn Control, LLC provides pest control services in the Tampa and Plant City, FL areas and will help you keep out unwanted pests. We work with duplexes, quadplexes, townhomes and other multi-family communities to make sure pests don't become a problem.

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Rely on us for a wide range of pest control services and more

No matter what kind of pest is invading your property, you can depend on our exterminator for help. We provide...

  • Pest control services to prevent ants, bees, cockroaches and other bugs from making your yard their home
  • Weed control services so you can keep your lawn beautiful and healthy
  • Pest removal services if you need to get rodents, snakes and other critters off your property

Make sure your tenants live in a pest-free community. Schedule weed or pest control services by calling us today.

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