Pests are a year round deal here in Florida. Some pests can be very annoying and persistent, leaving you uncomfortable in your own home. These pests thrive in our warm, humid climate and often invade our homes.

There are a few things we can do to make our home less attractive to insects. Most insects in our area need moisture to survive. Fixing leaky pipes and any other source of moisture can help. Cleaning up items in the yard that rain water can collect in will also help cut down on insects.
Pests are always on the lookout for an easy meal. Spills and dropped food, even small crumbs can feed a lot of insects. Grease and spilled soda is a favorite for ants and roaches. Clean up all spills and sweep and mop floors often.

Sanitation is key to controlling insects and furry intruders. Garbage and left over food can emit an odor or aroma over night that will attract both insects and rodents. Empty garbage can every night. Store trash in outside can with a tight fitting lid. Placing left over dinner foods in your compost pile will draw rodents. If you still want to dispose of your left over food in the compost be sure that the compost pile is a long distance from the house. Make sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly every night after the final meal is cooked. Clean every nook and cranny and all splatters and spills.

Be certain all opened food items are sealed in tight fitting containers, preferably air tight, and clean any food residues off the container when finished. Keep bulk pet food sealed in containers with tight fitting lids and pick up pet food bowls at night to keep out of site of invaders.
These are just a few helpful tips. For many more tips, call Safari Pest Control at 813-703-4673. We offer affordable pest control in Plant City & Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas. We are family owned and operated and look forward to earning your business. It's a jungle out there!