Effective Pharaoh Ant Pest Control Services Tampa & Plant City, FL

They are also known as “sugar ants.” You will find them during the day. They cease activity at night and begin each new day of work at about 8 am.
Pharaoh ants are tiny, pale red to yellowish brown with an unevenly rounded thorax. Their abdomens are darker and sometimes even black. They have multiple queens and sub-colonies. New colonies spring up by budding. Budding is when a group of reproductive and worker ants leave the original colony to start their own. The budding process is why this particular species are so hard to control and eliminate.

Pharaoh ants grow to adulthood in approximately 38 days. Females live 4 - 12 months, and workers only about 10 weeks.

Pharaoh Ants, being extremely small, can be found in various places. They will nest in places such as buildings, homes, green houses, hospitals or nursing homes, nesting in recessed areas like cracks, crevices, wall voids, under appliances, in outlets, and under carpets. You may also find them in and around your pet food dishes. These ants carry and can transfer pathogens and more than a dozen dangerous bacteria.

This ant is found almost worldwide. It is found in the southern parts of Florida, but may inhabit the whole of Florida. The Pharaoh Ant can only survive outside in the subtropical areas such as Florida and Hawaii. So, here in Tampa you will see them both inside and out. Pharaoh ants do not build mounds or carve out galleries in wood. In the home you will find the Pharaoh Ant trailing in and out of cabinets and on counter tops in the kitchen or around toilets, drains, and sinks in the bathroom. They can chew their way into packaged foods, contaminating them. The Pharaoh Ant will search for sweets, fats, and proteins which is why sanitation is a key part of the extermination process. These petite little pests will also eat other insects.

Combined with sanitation, the best method of Pharaoh Ant pest control is a thorough inspection and the placement of dual type baits. (sweet and protein) Spraying chemicals indoors should only be done strategically in cracks and crevices and voids. A good perimeter spray may help some, or the use of granular baits will work also. If you try to do it yourself you may create a larger problem for yourself. (A colony of pharaoh ants will scatter if a toxic substance disturbs it, creating multiple problems where there had been only one. In controlling pharaoh ants, it is often advisable to seek a specialized pest control professional.)

The Pharaoh Ant is one of the resilient ants to eradicate. At Safari Pest Control we will use the safest, most reliable treatments to wipe out your ant invasion. GUARANTEED! Call 813-703-4673. It's a jungle out there!