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Flea Treatment Preparation List (residential)
Fleas are very difficult to eradicate without your help! We have developed a special checklist for our customers to complete before and after the treatment. We ask that you please review this list and have everything ready before we come. When this list is followed our treatments are more effective and it cost you less time and money in the long run.

Items That Must Be Completed Prior To Our Arrival:

__ Be prepared to vacate the dwelling during service and for 3-4 hours following service to allow time for the chemicals to dry. Do not enter or allow children or pets to enter the home for at least 3-4 hours unless specified otherwise.
__ Clear all carpeted floors - including closets - of shoes, boxes, clothing and any other items that will prevent treatment. Place children's toys in protected area.
__ Wash (in hot water) or destroy all pet bedding. If bedding is going in the garbage, use a plastic bag and take to an outside trash can.
__ Mop wood, tile and vinyl floors.
__ Vacuum all carpeting and rugs thoroughly. Vacuum pet resting areas, under furniture, cracks and crevices in floors, and draperies. Vacuum furniture; especially between and under cushions. Empty vacuum into plastic bag and immediately dispose of it in outside trash can.
__ Remove all pets, including birds. Shut off air in fish tanks and cover them. Store or cover pet food and bowls.
__ Have dogs, cats and other flea-infested pets professionally treated at the same time your home is being done.
After Our Treatment is Complete:
__ Do not enter for 3-4 hours after the treatment is completed.
__ Do not clean carpets or floors with detergents or cleaners for at least 14 days after treatment.
__ Vacuum daily for two weeks. Dispose of bag after each vacuuming to a outside trash can.
__ Please allow 14 days for the full effect. At that time, if you still have activity, call and we will re-treat at a discounted price before the 30 days expires.