Pest Prevention Pest Control Tampa Bay & Plant City, FL

Pest Prevention Pest Control Tampa Bay & Plant City, FL

Three Steps to Pest Prevention:

  1. Clean up -

Reduce clutter around the stove, fridge and kitchen cabinets, by recycling newspaper, paper and plastic bags, cardboard, and bottles.

Store clothing or linen you don't use in sealed plastic boxes or bags.

Vacuum thoroughly with a hose and crevice tool. Use a HEPA vacuum.

Clean under stove, fridge, couches, chairs, beds and all other furniture.

Keep cabinets clean. Store only sealed up food items. Vacuum dead bug bodies and food items from cabinets as this will serve as a food source for other bugs.

Wash hard surfaces with warm water and a mild detergent, scrub and rinse. Keep appliances clean and free of spills.

Clean all drawers and shelves in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Wash small area rugs and curtains occasionally.

Keep all large and small appliances clean. For serious infestations in small appliances, you can put them in a plastic bag, seal it up and freeze it.


  1. Shut pests out -

Roaches, ants and rodents can squeeze into your home through very small cracks and holes. To keep pests out for good, fill holes and seal cracks in walls, floors, woodwork and around tubs, showers and sinks. The materials to fix these holes are inexpensive and easy to use.

  1. Silicone caulk and caulking gun
  2. Steel wool or copper mesh
  3. Mesh screening
  4. Door rubs
  5. Spackle compound and spackling knife
  6. House paint and brushes

Remove water sources. Fix leaky pipes, etc... or have a plumber fix them.

Vent steam after showers to prevent mildew and mold.  Close off drains in showers, tubs and sinks when not in use. This will keep pests from a water source.


  1. Pest proof your food -

Store all opened food products in tight sealing plastic or glass containers.

Store foods like flour, rice and nuts in a sealed container in the fridge.

Store large pet food items in a sealed metal trash can. Don't leave out over night.

Bring trash to outside can nightly. Make sure your garbage cans have tight fitting lids, metal preferably. This will prevent rat feeding. Clean them often.

Put food away at night, clean dishes, stove, counter tops and table.   

Sweep kitchen floor to keep food away from pests.

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