Pests Multiply Quickly Without Pest Control

Florida's mild, humid conditions drastically increase pest and insect activity compared to the majority of other areas in the U.S. The lack of a cold season allows pests to thrive and multiply year-round.
There are a total of 308 different insects identified in Florida. That is a lot of insects to be bothered by. Safari Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business that KNOWS about Florida Pest Control. We are licensed and insured pest control professionals that serve Tampa, Plant City and all of Hillsborough county. We specialize in adapting to the changing weather and multiple facets of pest control service. Ray, owner & operator is knowledgeable, friendly, has years of experience and the most up to date tools and methods for protecting your family against insects, rodents and more. Our methods are safe, and environmentally friendly, utilizing the best products and the most effective solutions to overcome all your pest problems.
Rodents are trying to come inside now with the colder temperatures. They carry many diseases. We not only offer rodent control, but also exclusion work to keep them out for good!
Bed bugs suck, literally! They suck your blood. If bed bugs are biting you, then you’re one of the thousands of Florida residents affected. The increase here in Florida has been difficult to avoid, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Six-legged parasitic insects are rapidly taking over Florida. Guess where these bugs are found? In the worst possible place, your bed.
We have added snake and bat removal also.
So please, call Safari Pest Control at 813-703-4673 to take care of all your pest control needs.
It's a jungle out there!