Spider Control:

For the most part spiders generally get a bad rap, except in Charlotte's Web. Even in nursery rhymes, and especially in Hollywood, the spider is portrayed as an evil invader. Examples; the Avondale spiders from New Zealand in Arachnophobia, or Shelob; the creepy, hellacious, giant spider in Lord of the Rings lll. Or hundreds of big, fat, black, hairy tarantulas in Something Wicked this Way Comes. With all the negative press it is no wonder homeowners cannot tolerate their presence.

The spider is one of the most called about pests a pest control professional in Tampa gets. But, in reality the spider is mostly beneficial in that it keeps a lot of insect populations down. Insects that can cause damage to our homes, contaminate are foods, or suck our blood, thus spreading disease.

The spider does no structural damage like termites or carpenter ants. It does no damage to our lawns or landscape. They are not vectors of disease, like mosquitoes or ticks. So other than unsightly webs most spiders are pretty harmless. With all the bad press they get there is a psychological problem called arachnophobia, which is fairly interesting seeing how we are about 100,000 times larger than these scary critters. All this said, there are those of us who will jump onto furniture and freeze in fear at sight of one these eight legged creatures, like my wife for instance.

Spiders actually have an important role in nature. They are a top predator of the insect world helping keep populations of insects that can cause economic losses in home damage or food loss to a minimum. So all in all spiders are good. There are only a few spiders in the Tampa area that are a health concern due to their venomous bites. Most spiders do not inject dangerous venom.

The best way to combat a spider infestation is to control the insects they are feeding on. Sweep down cobwebs frequently. Turn outdoor lights on house off at night as these lights attract bugs which attract spiders.

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