Spiders: Why are they so hard to kill?

Spiders hang out in their webs for the most part, but when they aren't, they are hidden in cracks and crevices. If you haven't noticed, spiders walk around on their tippy toes. Due to their behavior, they do not come in contact with enough insecticide to kill them. Unless you spray a spider directly, it is really hard to exterminate.

To control spiders there are a few tricks you can use:
*Sweep down the webs regularly.
*Having regular pest control can cut down on the insects that the spiders feed on. Your pest control technician should also treat cracks and crevices. He can also do the sweeping if you don't want to.
*Make sure crawl spaces and attics are well ventilated.
*Use yellow bulbs for porch and flood lights.

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It's a jungle out there!