Ants! - This is the worst time of year... all the rain is driving them indoors, into your home & business.

Successful Ant Control requires you to play a part.
1. Let the tech know what you have already tried, actions & insecticides.
2. See if there is any way to improve the sanitation of your home. (It is just about impossible to eradicate an ant problem if they have a food source that is tastier than the baits a tech would use) Clean up crumbs and spills.
3. Be patient. Ant control is a process - there are no quick fixes.
4. Make sure to hire a certified technician, from a company that guarantees their work, and offers a preventive service.

Did you know... Ants generated more pest control calls across the country than any other pest in 2017.

The top of the list was Odorous House Ants at 20%.

The Argentine Ant was 2nd at 15% and following ever so closely was the Carpenter Ant and the Pavement Ant, both at 14%.
In the South and working their way up, the problem is Fire Ants. Overall they are 10% on the chart.
In Florida, which has absolutely every species of ant, the White-footed Ant is the biggest challenge, though only 2% overall. They are hard to control and often go unnoticed until the colonies get so big. They prefer to nest up high, under eaves, or in attics.
Just remember, when hiring a pest control professional, there are various strategies to controlling ants and you can help with some of that. Sanitation and vacuuming are a part of it.

A pest control technician will treat with baits, gels and pesticide applications. They will also let you know if you have a problem somewhere that requires some exclusion work.
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It's a jungle out there!