Attn: Property Managers & Homeowners ;Prevent RODENTS finding their way into your properties!

Every house, condo, townhome, mobile home, or apartment is at risk of rodents gaining entry. Once inside they damage electrical, plumbing, air conditioning duct work, etc…

The repairs can be extensive and quite costly.


Then there is the list of diseases the rodents carry, not to mention the contamination from feces and urine.

Exclusion work, if needed, will keep them out but can also be quite expensive. We do offer exclusion work, but we recommend preemptive methods to keep rats from getting in, in the first place.


We provide rodent bait boxes that go around the exterior perimeter of the home. This will keep the rodents from trying to find a way in. They feed in the boxes and the bait kills them, outside, away from the home.

We come monthly to replace bait and let you know how heavy the activity is around the home or apartment. This is a minimal cost compared to expensive repairs and unhappy tenants.


Call us today to get started with a Rodent Prevention Program.  813-703-4673 

It’s a jungle out there!