Occasional Pest Control vs Annual Service Agreements Tampa & Plant City, FL

Occasional Pest Control Treatments vs Annual Pest Control Service Agreements

Here in Tampa, Florida the climate, and the abundance of water is a perfect environmental blend for all kinds of unwanted insects. As a matter of fact, Florida, especially the Tampa area, for the most part does not have an off season when it comes to those nasty insects.

A lot of homeowners will only call a pest control company when the issue becomes on infestation. By only having occasional pest control treatments, these homeowners think they are saving money. In reality the opposite may be true. Waiting for the insect problem to become an infestation can cost more due to the fact you will likely need several treatments to eliminate the problem.

Homes in Florida can become infested by several different types of insects during the year, and be quite difficult to eliminate. The initial cost of calling out a pest control professional can be pricey and when doing occasional service with different companies, you will always be paying that initial fee. Hiring a company that offers an annual service agreement will lock in your price, you won't always be paying an initial or occasional fee, you will have the same experienced technician you know and trust to take care of the particular issues at your home, and have year round protection, with warranty, against pest infestations. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Being serviced quarterly keeps your family safe against bugs, insects and rodents that carry germs, disease and bacteria into your home. The annual service agreement keeps your prices constant, with no surprise price increases. It will prevent insects from nesting inside and outside of your home by creating a continual, residual barrier around your home.

Having an annual service agreement will give you a heads up on any rodent or termite activity that may begin without your knowing it. You will have a certified technician who you get to know and trust, and who will educate you regarding ways you can help keep pests out of your home. Your technician will be in your home quarterly doing inspections and whatever else it takes to keep your home and family pest free and safe from infestations that can cause health issues. SO, saving a little money now can cost you more later, and more than money, can cost you piece of mind knowing your home is not protected.

For more information about Occasional Pest Control Treatments vs Annual Pest Control Service Agreements call Safari Pest Control, LLC. We offer annual service agreements in Tampa & Plant City, FL and surrounding areas, with several different programs to choose from.  It's a jungle out there!