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The Deadliest Insect on Earth!

Most insects are harmless to humans. A lot of insects actually are beneficial to us, but there are a few insects that can kill us. The deadliest of all is the tiny mosquito. Most mosquito bites are only annoying but a disease carrying mosquito can be lethal. The male mosquito does not bite humans. They feed on plant nectar. The female must have a blood meal to reproduce. In this way the female transfers disease and parasites.

There are many different diseases mosquitoes carry. Every year millions of people all over the planet die from Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, and now ZIKA VIRUS making mosquitoes the deadliest insect on earth. These blood sucking predators can also pose a threat to our pets and livestock.  However, with little effort we can keep mosquito activity to a minimum.

Safari Ray has some helpful hints for pest control in Tampa for mosquitoes, where we have recently seen a few cases of ZIKA Virus. The number one way to start controlling mosquitoes is to be sure there is no standing water around your home. Water is the main breeding sites for mosquitoes. So check everything around the house that can hold water; toys, dog bowls, buckets, gutters, cans, pools, etc... All water should be emptied, pool water treated or drained, containers stored where they can't hold water. The lawn needs to be cut, trimmed and debris moved away from the house.

After all the physical remedies are complete then you may want to call an experienced pest control operator to help you get your yard back. They will use fog and barrier treatments as well as using a  larvicide.  There is no 100% eradication magic bullet, but this will help lower the risk of being bitten.

At Safari Pest Control we offer affordable monthly and 1 time treatments in Tampa & Plant City, FL. Call us today for your piece of mind.  For more information on mosquitoes, deadliest insects, pest control in Tampa & Plant City call us today. It is a jungle out there!