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You can't live in Tampa, FL and be spider free. Not being from here I realized fast that Florida grows everything bigger than other parts of the country, including spiders, and lots of them. Thank God I married a pest control man ~ Safari Ray. He makes sure I am safe and sound from all the creepy crawlers.

Spiders not only have eight legs, but fangs that inject venom. They are air breathing arthropods and the largest order of arachnids, ranking seventh in total species diversity among all other orders of organisms. Besides for Antarctica, spiders are found every continent. Back in November of 2015 there were 45,700 different species of spiders.

Spider webs are all very different, just like all the varieties of spiders themselves. Webs can vary by shape, size and how sticky the thread is. Spiral orb webs are perhaps one of the oldest forms of webs, while tangled webs are produced by various spiders that are more plentiful than orb-web spiders. Spiders use their webs to capture prey. A small number of more social spiders build communal webs that can hold up to 50,000. UGH!!! Could you imagine one of those hanging off the eve of your home, or in your porch. A web with a big hairy spider just waiting to climb down and sit beside you. Feeling like little Miss Muffet? Have you ever walked right into a web and you keep feeling like something is crawling on you for hours after.

The worst part is some of these spiders are dangerous to humans and are commonly found in your home, right here in Tampa, FL. The bites are usually painful and the venom of some can cause tissue loss and necrosis, while others will attack the nervous system and even be fatal. If bitten, try to identify the spider and get medical attention. Some of the deadliest spiders are:

1.Brown Recluse Spider

  1. Yellow Sac Spider
  2. Wolf Spider
  3. Black Widow Spider
  4. Brown Widow Spider
  5. Red Widow Spider
  6. Redback Spider
  7. Funnel-web Spider or Hobo Spider


At Safari Pest Control, we recommend Spider Web Sweeping with your quarterly pest control treatments. If you are seeing spiders or have a problem with webs call us. We treat inside and out and sweep the exterior of your home. For more information about Spider Web Sweeping in and around Tampa & Plant City, FL call 813-703-4673. It's a jungle out there!