Here are some reasons to consider a professional pest service.

professional pest service can have many benefits such as constant control of roaches, ants and spiders. The pest pro is a trained technician that knows where and how to handle infestations. Your home is one of your largest investments and you will want to protect it from damaging invaders. A pest pro will take back your home by inspecting and identifying the infestation, and setting up a specific control plan for long term prevention. With a professional pest program you will have continual quarterly monitoring and treatments as necessary.

The cost of a regular pest control program can be a few hundred dollars per year.  However, the cost of not having protection can cost thousands in home repairs, damaged products and health care. Pest pros know how to use and where to apply the products of their trade, inside and outside the home. Their number 1 concern is to ensure the safety of you and your family. They know your time is important to you and will try to work around your schedule as much as possible. In most cases a pest pro can give you a quote right over the phone.

Controlling pests can take time, and the application of products at certain time intervals can be very important to a successful treatment program. The pest pro will monitor and report on every treatment and re-treat at the proper time to allow no lapse in your protection. They will guarantee that their service and products will keep your home pest free year round. You can be sure your family will be safe from germ carrying insects and from harmful chemicals. There are sprays that can be very harmful and if not done at regular intervals will not even be effective.

So if you want to save some time, money, and risk by hiring a professional pest service... call Safari Pest Control, LLC and get a guaranteed service for your peace of mind. We offer Annual Home Protection Plans at affordable prices to fit your needs. We service Tampa, Plant City, and all of Hillsborough county. It's a jungle out there!