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Here in Tampa, Florida we put up with a lot of bugs, including the Crazy Ant. The Crazy Ant is a small brown or black ant about 1/8 " long. These ants can become a real pain in the neck. The Crazy Ant will invade just about any building they find, as well as the top of high rises in New York, motels, hotels, and even your home. The Crazy Ant has been reported in most states in the U.S. It is known for nesting in potted plants from nurseries, then being distributed all over the country.

The Crazy Ant gets its name from the way it runs around erratically, seemingly with no purpose. (like it lost its mind) This is very different from other ants that usually trail uniformly. The Crazy Ant is opportunistic in its nesting habits. They will use virtually any crack or crevice to build a satellite nest, moist or dry, they don't care.  They can be found outside in the landscape under mulch or timbers, in logs or rocks, just about everywhere. Inside they will nest in wall voids, items stored or left alone for long periods.

Although the Crazy Ant seems to be wandering aimlessly they really do have set trails for foraging. They are omnivores and feed on many foods like grease and sweets. A Crazy Ant pest management program must include correcting conducive conditions. Locating and treating colonies and targeted treatments with a residual. In many cases the home owner will need to call in a pest control professional, like Safari Pest Control, who will inspect, devise a pest management plan, and educate the home owner of their role in controlling the Crazy Ant.

Call Safari Pest Control, LLC if you need help with pest management for Crazy Ants. We take care of Tampa, Plant City, Florida and all of Hillsborough County. We look forward to earning your business by offering exceptional customer service, affordable pest control, and years of knowledge in the industry. It's a jungle out there!